Loved to Death

My dog Moser loves getting a new stuffed toy … so he can rip its brains out! He’s not an immediate destroyer, he likes to play with them first, and kill them slowly, like a cat.


He usually goes for the eyes first (especially if they’re plastic), and then the ears, and if  that hasn’t ripped a hole in the head, he goes in through the nose. He is so happy when he pulls their fluffy brains out! Above, a little lion he had when he was a puppy. Below, a flattened bear.

bantjes_blog_bear bantjes_blog_hedgehog1

I used to subscribe to BarkBox, wherein every month Moser was sent a box of things for dogs. There were some pretty weird toys in there. This was a hedgehog that was also a chef. WHY???? I have no idea why, but this is Moser’s favourite toy, much  to my chagrin. Possibly because it seems to contain half a plastic bottle, so it makes an interesting crackly noise. It seems the hat has, so far, protected its brains.


Below is Moser’s Husky; one of the few that he knows the name of. It flies through the air and Moser catches it.

bantjes_blog_husky bantjes_blog_wildebeest1

One of my favourite toys was this Wildebeest that I got in South Africa. Happily, Moser loves it too. It used to have horns, but after Moser removed them I had to perform surgery on its head to keep it alive.

bantjes_blog_wildebeest2 bantjes_blog_yellowbear

I gave this yellow bear to Moser for his third Birthday about a week ago. I get a lot of his toys from the local 2nd-hand shop for 25 cents. Moser didn’t even wait to get out of the car before chewing into the bear’s head. Below is a little tiger, friend of the lion, that both came with him as a puppy. They are survivors.