Why, Marian, Why?



Why have I abandoned my former, quirky website for a standard generic one?

Because the web is not my medium I don’t actually care about websites, provided they do the job. My former website did the job, though I was starting to get complaints about “scalability”. The truth is, I really like these gridded sites. I like that you can look at a grid of squares and immediately get a sense of my work. It’s easy to find your way around, and honestly, I really don’t care if it’s like millions of other peoples’ sites. My work is what makes it mine. With the help of my ever-wonderful web guy, Jake Camara, we’ve made it fit my needs, and added a bit of quirk with the use of Martin Majoor’s typeface Seria. Here on the blog side, I’m using Seria Sans, and a different template, this one using the Basic Maths theme by Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole. Because I like it.

Where is that project from the old site?

Sadly, the transfer from old to new required a complete rebuild, so all of the links have changed. And I culled a lot of work out—probably 50% or more, and left only the best and most recent work. So some of it is gone, and some of it is reorganized. Try searching for the project, or scan the thumbnails to find it. Apologies.



Why no comments on this site?

Because the amount of intelligence exhibited by people who comment on things is so close to zero it is not worth my while to manage such a feature.