GRANTA: Chris Adrian series


Michael Salu, the Art Director for Granta Publications in the UK. hired me to do a series of covers for Chris Adrian’s books. We started with A Better Angel and The Great Night. I decided to do both covers using the same basic pattern tile, but making images by colouring the patterns.

bantjes_granta-1A year later he returned with The Children’s Hospital, which I added to the series using the same pattern as before.


The final book I did for the series was Gob’s Grief, for which they wanted a more directly pictorial image for the cover, that I managed to execute still using the pattern.



These editions can be found on Abebooks:

The Great Night: 9781847081865

The Children’s Hospital: ISBN 9781847085788

Gob’s Grief: ISBN 9781847085818 

A Better Angel: ISBN 9781847085818