Jömmara isch blöd

I worked with Stefan Sagmeister to create one of his installation pieces of “20 things in my life I have learned so far.” (His life.) Part of a series of pieces he does creating sentences from a list of things he’s learned. This was the first that was not in English, but in Stefan’s native Bregenz (Austria) dialect. Stefan conceived the project and the medium, and I created the text and ornament under his instruction to make it “beautiful & legible”. Printed in reflective silver foil on a red background, it says, “Jömmara isch blöd. I söt eappas tua odr’s vergessa,” (Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.)



This project covered 6 billboards, which were approximately 11 feet by 11 feet, postioned along a busy street near the Kunsthaus Bregenz museum in Bregenz, Austria. The installation was up Jan 26 2006 – March 19 2006.





Photos courtesy of the Kunsthaus Bregenz.