Maharam: Centric


This is the first of my fabric designs for Maharam. Maharam is a very high end fabric company, mostly for the trade (architects, interior designers) with “a strong focus on new technologies and cultural markers, often finding inspiration beyond the textile industry, including collaborations with avant-garde industry outsiders.” That would be me.


This is a fabric built for seating, and is made of 34% Rayon, 33% Cotton & 33% Polyester. Its durability is listed as “40,000+ double rubs”, which is a lot of rubbing, if you ask me. And it comes in 7 amazing colours.


Maharam also used my “Centric” design for the cover of their 2010 calendar:


And through some mysterious process I don’t understand, Nike uses Maharam fabrics for limited edition shoes, available only in Japan. But the sweethearts ordered a special pair of the Nike Airforce One shoes in my fabric, just for me; shipped with my name on a tag, and my initials in a metal bit in the laces. BITCHIN’!


You can order the fabric here, from Maharam. The shoes … not available anywhere that I know of.