Moooi Carpet: Obsession


When Marcel Wanders asked me to be one of the Signature Designers for Moooi‘s new line of carpets, I had only a couple of days to submit something in time to be included at the Salon del Mobile in April this year. So I decided to repurpose some existing designs. This one is from my 2013 piece for Varoom Magazine, on Obsession. It comes in 4 different background colours: blue, black, dark red and yellow.

bantjes_2015_moooi-carpet-obsession3 bantjes_2015_moooi-carpet-obsession2 bantjes_2015_moooi-carpet-obsession4

What I like about it is that from a distance it looks almost like a traditional carpet design, but up close it gets much more interesting.

They are available at Moooi Carpets.