Saks Snowflakes


Saks Fifth Avenue commissioned me to draw 25 snowflakes for their 2008 Christmas season. (I delivered a few extras.) Working with the marvellous Terron Schaefer once again, he encouraged me to be very loose and varied in my approach. I drew some like feathers, like antlers, with little people, one made all of houses, some like sparkly lights, a hairy one, a few like ribbons, some were complex and three dimensional, others simple and flat …

You know how it is, you do some work for something that won’t be realized for over a year, and you kindof forget about it. It’s not that I forgot, exactly, it just that I forgot what Saks does with things after I hand them over! And when December 2008 rolled around the snowflakes turned up on bags and ads and catalogues and hats and candles and all throughout the store …


bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-11bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-9 bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-8 bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-7

bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-10 bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-6 bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-5 bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-4bantjes_2008_saks-snowflakes-2

And EVEN, in jewellery, when Saks commissioned some of my snowflakes to be interpreted by various famous Jewellers (Chopard, Vendorafa, Utopia, Faraone Mennella, Graff, Dominique Cohen, and others).