Saks Want It!

Michael Bierut at Pentagram hired me to work with him on this campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue, and then I was fortunate enough to work directly with the lovely Terron Schaefer at Saks.


We started with the signature piece for “Want It!” and then moved on to the 18 individual “Want It!” items (9 each for men and women) …


I handed over the black & white vector files, and the Saks team under Terron Schaefer did the rest, applying it to windows, walls, plinths, floors, signs, etc. Plus there were bags, catalogues, and ads in pretty much every fashion magazine I picked up. Amazing!

bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-2 bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-3

bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-4 bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-6 bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-7 bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-8 bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-9 bantjes_2007_saks-wantit-10

None of it would have been what it was without Michael, Terron and his wonderful Creative & Marketing team, and they have my heartfelt thanks.