This was made in a marathon 7 hours, on-site at the Chicago Design Museum (ChiDM) in June 2013, as an installation piece for a show of work I had there. Tanner Woodford, the director of the museum, had suggested I do something with flowers, which were donated by a local flower shop.

I didn’t put any advance thought into it because I wasn’t sure what kind of flowers I was going to get, but the day before he opening of the show, I was taken to the flower store and picked out some things that looks like they’d hold up reasonably well, and some others that wouldn’t (like roses). Thinking about how the piece would be on display for a few weeks and would, of course die, I decided to make the word “Sorrow”.


Tanner sent me some photos taken after a few weeks, and when the show came down, he put the dried petals and leaves into jars and sent one to me and some to other people as well, which was nice.

June 2013