Valentines 2015

I’ve always been quite interested in the pet names that people call each other, so I decided to collect as many as I could and turn them into my 2015 valentines. I had thought that asking people about their pet names for each other would be an interesting conversation start at social gatherings, but people became distinctly nervous and tight-lipped when I asked. So I collected some from friends, did some internet research for more and made up the rest for a total of around 300.

bantjes_2015_valentines-1 bantjes_2015_valentines-11 bantjes_2015_valentines-10 bantjes_2015_valentines-9 bantjes_2015_valentines-8 bantjes_2015_valentines-7 bantjes_2015_valentines-6 bantjes_2015_valentines-5 bantjes_2015_valentines-4 bantjes_2015_valentines-2

I printed the cards with MOO with three different colourways, and also with MOO made stickers of the alphabet with some kind of groovy lettering I designed. Then I spent days and days making the pet names with stickers and assigning them to various people.