Vancouver Review


Once upon a time, from 2004–2006, I was the designer for Vancouver’s critical arts and culture magazine, Vancouver Review. Mark Mushet was the arts editor, and the author of most of the photographs (including all the ones on pages here). I inherited the banner on the cover from Brian Morgan, but otherwise I designed and did production on the 8 issues of its first 2 years.


I have always thought I did a rather nice job on it. The early issues especially were nice with a gloss cover and uncoated interior pages.

bantjes_2004_VR3 bantjes_2004_VR4

I sometimes wrote articles or contributed illustrations, such as the illustration below of “nonsense language” for an article about the plethora of newspapers an magazines in languages and scripts we can’t read.bantjes_2004_VR5

And of course I did one or two covers, notably this one done in sequins, which are a lot harder to work woth than I thought they’d be.