To request new work

email me, or you can phone me at
+1 604.947.9107 (this is a land line, please do not text to it)

Instagram: @bantjes
Facebook: Marian Bantjes (Facebook Page)
Twitter: @bantjes


I love to hear from people who enjoy my work. Forgive me, however, if I can’t always respond, as I am only one person with a lot to do. But I do receive and appreciate your emails.

email me

You can also send snail mail to

Marian Bantjes
1478 Tunstall Blvd.
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2


Please read the Students section of the site.


Currently I do not hire other people. I have a small studio in my home on an island in Canada; until such a time as I can figure out how to possibly accommodate another person I will not be hiring anyone, nor can I take interns.


If you wish to interview me for a major publication, please do contact me directly.

If you wish to interview me for a blog or small publication, I may or may not be able to accommodate you as my time is very limited. However, I do appreciate your interest, so please inform me if you need to borrow images from the site for a blog post. Always please credit me and link back to my site.