This is a selection of my recent and best work from the past. All of my work from 2003–2013 is documented in my monograph, Pretty Pictures.

The Man Who

“Letterspace” K

William Carlos Williams

Cat Poems

Valentines 2018

Mark Foster Gage


AGI 2017: Borders

Tolerance Poster

Sesqui VR-360 Waterball

Valentines 2017

Women Unite!

Armorial Holiday Card 3

Armorial Holiday Card 2

Armorial Holiday Card 1


Varoom: Wellbeing

Dylan Thomas

French Love Poems

Walrus Magazine

Valentines 2016

Varoom: The New

A La Vieille Russie Cover 2015

New York Times Book Review

PRINT: Regional Design

Varoom: Visionaries

AGI: Coexistence

Varoom: “Play”

Mountain Spectrum

Moooi Carpet: Obsession

Moooi Carpet: Eco-Alliance

Moooi Carpet: Zircon

Brothers Grimm & Natalie Frank

Print: Print

Varoom: Fashion

AGIdeas 25

Valentines 2015

Criterion holiday card

Letter to a Future Lover

Varoom: Style

Wunderkammer poster

Dr. Strangelove

Wired: A Cure for Love

Varoom: Interpretation

Gardens (rejected)

CHiDM: Something Impossible

Varoom: Empathy

Coach Heart

Valentines 2014

Fortune: Money Alphabet

Varoom: Obsession

MOO Cards

Dandelion Chair

PopTech Sparks

AGI Teacup


Varoom: Experiment

Valentines 2013

Eames Tiki Chair

I, Carpet

Bella Chair

Varoom: Taste

AGIdeas Notebook

Valentines 2012

Varoom: Localism

Video: Credits

Kohler: Thai Sink

Maharam: Riddle

Maharam: Telaray

Cake Decorations Wrapping Paper

Fire Wrapping Paper

Big Machinery Wrapping Paper

Kitten-flakes Wrapping Paper

The National: Orpheum

Varoom: Next

Before My Memory Goes

OFFF: 0 – Infinity

The Music Room

Varoom: Map of Knowledge

GRANTA: Chris Adrian series

Valentines 2011

Blu-dot Chair: “Bella”

Varoom: Relationships

Creative Review Cover

Sons & Lovers

Laser Sailboat


The National: Wiltern


Droog Chairs

Droog Table

Valentines 2010

Poetry Month Poster

We’re Sorry

Maharam Wallpapers

Maharam: Centric

The 00s

GQ Italia

Nabokov: Transparent Things

Design Indaba

Empathy Penny

Valentines 2009

Saks Snowflakes

VR 20

Grapes Poster


Pop Tech Poster


Design Ignites Change


Party in the Garden

Love Banner

Saks Heart

Valentines 2008

Jerry Garcia (Fader)

Sagmeister Sugar

G2: Puzzle Special

Anni Kuan Fabric

Publikum Calendar


Saks Want It!

TypeCon 2007

Salazar Awards

WIRED 15.05

Wallpaper Cover

G2: Surrealism

Valentines 2007

Holiday Books

Graphex ’06 Catalogue

Design Matters Live

Influences Map

Church of the Non-Believers


Print: The Vivid Word

I Want It All


GDC/BC 2005 Annual Report

Valentine 2006

Jömmara isch blöd

Halloween ’05

The Vanity of Allegory

GDC/BC 2004 Annual Report



Valentines 2005


Vancouver Review

Please Say Yes

Speak Up T-Shirt


Poster One