MOO Cards

I was invited by the lovely Pamela Williams to create a set of MOO cards on their triple-thick stock, as other designers such as Sagmeister & Walsh and Adams Morioka had done before me. I agreed, but didn’t really understand the project, and it wasn’t until well into it that I realized it was to be like a business card template with 50 different designs on the back for the hoi polloi to customize for their own selves/businesses. I wasn’t nuts about that idea, and personally I think business cards are dead … but I do myself often need a temporary card: something to write selective or temporary information on.

For instance, when I’m travelling I sometimes have a local cel number, or a hotel number, or a room number. I also have 3 different email addresses for business, friends or – essentially “junk”. I might want to give a book or movie recommendation or take a restaurant recommendation from someone … anything that would otherwise be written on a scrap of paper or in the margins or bak of someone else’s business card, this is what I need. And I think this is what many people need.

So I designed the front of the cards with a space for writing information. For the back, having just struggled with lighting conditions for my Poptech Sparks, I wanted to make something that worked with different lighting conditions, and proceeded to make what I called little “stage sets” of cards to be lit and shot different ways (50 versions).


bantjes_2013_MOO-1 bantjes_2013_MOO-2