Maharam Wallpapers

Around the time I was working with Maharam on the “Centric” fabric, I was also working on wallpapers for  Maharam Digital Projects, their collection of wall coverings.

So far there are 4 designs of mine to choose from.


The shot above was taken at a show of my work in Toronto Ontario, wherein the gallery bought my “Feathers” wallpaper for the walls. Amazing!

Below is my pattern “Spacemen” from the Maharam catalogue.

bantjes_2009_maharam-wallpaper-4 bantjes_2009_maharam-wallpaper-3

Above is “Pattern Plaid”, and below is “Birds” which is also a shot from the gallery exhibit in Toronto, Ontario.


See them on the Maharam site: Birds, Feathers, Pattern Plaid, Spacemen.