The National: Orpheum


I was happy to be asked once again to do another poster for The National. This time they were playing in my home town of Vancouver at the Orpheum. The 3-light-condition design of the first poster was hard to beat, but I’ve always wanted to print on a mirrored surface, so I worked with Jake Sorensen at the silkscreen printers PrismTech Graphics to source the right material. This is not just “shiny,” it is mirrored and it reflects everything; silkscreened in white. Vancouver has become known recently as a city of glass, so this isn’t as whimsical as it sounds.

Below is the design without the reflection.


It’s a limited edition of 225. The National got 1–175, and I got 176–225. I’m not selling mine right now, but The National is. The poster is described incorrectly on their site, but you can buy it there.